2.5 Year Old Masters Dad’s iPad – Demonstrates Apple’s Brilliance (VIDEO)

By keeping products super-simple, Apple has created a cult following.

What does it say when a baby (2.5 years old – as her father posted on the video below) can whiz through an iPad easier than a block puzzle?

We are witnessing the mind-blowing speed at which technology is changing how we communicate (children today are practically born with smartphones and laptops in their hands!). But this is also an incredible demonstration of Apple‘s marketing genius (they might want to use this video, which is quickly becoming a viral video hit, in their ad campaign for iPad).

Apple trumps all because they build products so simple even a baby can use them (the cutie in this video is practically giving us a product demonstration). While that may not do much for our egos (gee, are we really that dense at figuring out how to use gadgets?), Apple understands that, at the end of the day, we want usability and functionality in really cool packaging. That is why the iPod and iPad are revolutionary and have changed the game.

Simple sells.

Even a baby understands that marketing golden rule.

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