HOW TO Manage Facebook’s New Privacy Settings

Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg explains Facebook's new controversial features.

Last week Facebook dropped a bomb on the internet that will reverberate throughout commerce, social media and blog transactions for years to come.

The world’s number one social networking website unleashed a new addition to its platform that will have have the monster-social site sharing confidiential User information with marketers and advertisers to an unprecedented extent. It is controversial to say the least.

With Facebook now allowing third-party websites to access your personal information, the issue of privacy (which Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says no longer exists) is one that everyone should examine (particularly online marketers).

If you’d like to protect what little privacy you have left on Facebook from third-party sites that Facebook welcomes into your life, take a look at this post at (@mashable) that outlines how to use the new privacy settings on Facebook.

– Included in the helpful tutorial (complete with guiding snapshots) is:
– How to opt out of specific sites
– Locking Instant Personalization For All Sites
– Preventing friends from sharing your info

If you are one of the few brave souls who are not concerned about privacy and, therefor, intend on letting Facebook pimp your private info out to the world, we’d love to hear from you. Is the controversy over privacy overblown?

Read the entire Mashable post here.

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