Entrepreneur Ecosystem World Map

It is, without a doubt, an ambitious undertaking.  David B. Lerner (@davidblerner) (entrepreneur, angel investor, Director of Columbia University Venture Lab, blogger, community organizer, golfer-in-exile”) wants to map the entrepreneurial world (literally).

In his own words on his blog, he describes the evolution of his idea:

“I wanted to provide a resource for entrepreneurs wherein they would be able to actually see the entire venture ecosystem in one glance… I wanted these maps to be interactive and eventually, crowdsourceable. That’s when I reached out to my good buddy Shane Snow… We’ve now created a crowdsourceable global map of what we hope will one day be the entire world’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.”

Lerner admits that there are likely many errors on the map (due to the size and scope of the project and the difficulty with confirming company information), but he encourages each and every one of us to participate by correcting errors and contributing additional content (ah, the power of crowdsourcing!).

This venture is long overdue.  If successful, the Entrepreneur World Map will provide valuable information and resources to entrepreneurs and investors around the world.  Someone should fund this (no pun intended).

See the interactive, global map here.

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