A New Word for Geek

Now that being a geek is officially mainstream (cough, gag, cough), it might be time to take the movement back into the subcultural gutter… go back to our roots… find mind-blowing innovation in the agony of being outcasts.

Or maybe, as comedian and self-professed geek Patton Oswalt wrote in a piece for Wired magazine, geek/nerd culture culture as we’ve known it for the past 50 years is dead.

The intellectual, technologically-oriented, sexless, social outcast may have arrived, but let’s not forget where he/she came from.  Geek, nerd, dork… we’ve heard these names before before but there are a few variations on this geek-name-theme from the past that you might not have heard.  Check out the list of classic slang terms for nerds and geeks below (courtesy of todayifoundout.com) — names that once represented geek-culture.  I’m a little surprised “dweeb” didn’t make the list.  My favorite is:  Joe Zilch

So, if “geek” is the new “cool” then what or who is the new “geek”?  Who is the new social out in the day and age of social media?  What will they contribute to society by way of innovation as they mature to claim the thrown of new prom kings and queens as geeks and nerds did?

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