My New Favorite Word…

It says so much more than its five letters would lead you to believe…

According to Merriam-Webster “zesty” made it’s debut in 1868 and means “appealingly piquant” (“Appealingly piquant” is the new “fierce”).  Zesty is vibrant, expressive and it’s back bitches!  The word has made a resurgence as a popular slang term.  Thus, describes “zesty” as:

“fun, active and sexy”  “an energetic outlook on life” “good clean fun”

Yeah baby!  I’m zesty!

If that doesn’t make you want to roll the word around your tongue a couple of times, then dig this quote from the classic film The Big Lebowski:

Maude:  “It’s a male myth about feminists that we hate sex. It can be a natural, zesty enterprise.”

Zesty sex too?  Yeah!

Of course, words (like their creators) have dark, controversial sides.  Zesty has another slang meaning that some may find offensive:

“a man who looks and dresses like he could be gay or homosexual — suspiciously effeminate”

Example:  “Zack Ephron is cute, and he may have been “dating” the beautiful Vanessa Hudgens, but he’s a bit too zesty for my taste.”

Like I said, my new, favorite word.  And for those of you who are older than the internet, below is a classic commercial for Zest soap starring Roger Clemens of all people (because you’re not fully clean unless you’re zestfully clean!).

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