5 Apps Developers Need to Create for Pinterest NOW

With the sudden explosion of interest in Pinterest, you can bet that an army of developers have begun developing apps to compliment the user-experience of the photo-social platform. Having said that, there’s plenty of room for app development in the Pinterest pool.

The best social media apps help us manage our time, flow of information and people better. They also should make the platform “friendlier”. Gaps left by the developers of the social platform (and they all have them of course) should be filled by app developers who see how the user-experience can be greatly improved. The app should, itself, be essential to the overall experience (imagine managing multiple Twitter accounts without Tweet Deck or Hoot Suite – it would be hell).

Which leads me to wonder how Pinterest’s app ecosystem will develop. Pinterest is decidedly unlike the other social Goliath’s — people don’t really interact on it as they would Facebook or Twitter (interacting with people is secondary and, actually, not necessary to have a satisfying experience on the platform – pretty radical for a social network). Still, these are a few apps that could take your Pinterest experience to the next level:

  1. Pinterest Social Shopping. It’s undeniable that, with it’s appealing visuals and dedicated female base, that Pinterest is the ideal platform for social shoppingAn app that combines the power of Pinterest to share beautiful visuals of the items we love the most with the social, discount buying functionality of Groupon or Living Social would be irresistible to both Users and merchants. Merchants can pin a photo of an item or service from their business with a comment informing people that the first 50 people who pin the photo will receive a discount. This would actually one-up other social e-commerce platforms in that it wouldn’t have to rely on email and (in light of the fact that Pinterest is becoming a major driver of traffic to websites) there is the added bonus of drawing traffic to the merchant’s website.
  2. Pin-a-Cause – a fundraising app for Pinterest that allows ordinary Users to create social cause boards with micro-fundraising. It would be great to see a feature for brands to mach pins with money (each time a photo of the social cause board is repinned, the brand makes a donation – giving value and social meaning to each pin you post).
  3. Pin Pals – Currently there’s no easy way to see who has repinned or commented on your pins. Let’s see a social graph of our find people who have pinned similar items as you have and friend.
  4. My Pinterest Portfolio – Collecting photos on Pinterest Boards is great, but it would be even better if we had a way to create Pinterest Portfolios (visual calling cards of our best, most pinned photos) to export easily to our websites or other social platforms.
  5. Pinterest Real Time Chat – This is coming from someone who hates chat (and always has), but as great as Pinterest is, I can’t help but feel that it needs a functionality for Users to engage in real-time chat.

That’s the short list. There are needed tools to help the user-experience on Pinterest but, for now, everyone is just having fun playing with the new shiny social media toy.  What apps would you want to see developed for Pinterest?


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    I’ve only done the ewrap knit over stitch. I din;1#82&7dt realize you can do so much more. Your videos have sure inspired me to try more. thank you for your time. I’ll be back to watch a lot more to learn!

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