BOOK PROPOSAL: America the Startup

Here’s one book idea I’d like to see written (but that I’m far too busy to write myself any time soon):

America the Startup.  Essentially, an analysis of the founding of our country as a startup launched by our Founding Fathers (the original entrepreneurs). Without a doubt, our Founding Fathers were entrepreneurs in the purest sense of the word (absorbing tremendous risk to build a company (excuse me, country) that would create opportunity for millions of people and change the world).  And, compared to the rest of the nations of the world (with the exception of New Zealand), America is very young (not even one thousand years old yet). If the nations of the world were companies, we’d be classified as a startup (and a kickass one at that).

It would be great to see a book that looks at the struggles and failures of the founding fathers through the lense of entrepreneurship and that outlines how these struggles built the greatest nation in the world (and ultimately bred a mentality of entrepreneurship that courses through all of our veins (whether we tap into that or not)). I’m pretty sure the Founding Fathers experience the same failures and made the same mistakes that many entrepreneurs make when building their company and brand. It’s time for a book that researches this.

Yes, this is a book that I believe is worth writing. Reid Hoffman (founder of LinkedIn, entrepreneur and investor) should consider it for his second book. In his current book, The Startup of You, Reid attempts to convey to the average person that they must adopt an entrepreneur’s mindset in order to survive these fast-changing, economically challenging times. America the Startup would explain how and why we all have that entrepreneur spirit and why we must continue to innovate.

I’d read this book. Would you?


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