China Techies Unleash an Army of Pinterest Clones

You know you’ve arrived when you’re being cloned in China. Pinterest has, of course, arrived — here and in China. Yesterday, Chinese tech company Taobao launched a photo-sharing, social media site that is modeled almost exactly after Pinterest.

The name of the new social network is Wantu (translation: mischievous rabbit). The site can be accessed through Taoboa’s website at:

Hardly the first in the Pinterest-cloning market in China, another tech company named Mogojie also launched a Pinterest clone (they’re actually considered to be the “biggest indie Pinterest clone”).  And two months ago, tech powerhouse Renren launched their own version of Pinterest. To date, China has 18 Pinterest clones.  Here’s a list of 16 Chinese Pinterest clones by accumulated by Idea-Stack

Clearly, China takes its Pinterest-cloning seriously.




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