Seven Security Fears for 2012 that May Keep You Up at Night

We all troll the internet seemingly without a care in the world, but most of us realize the inherent danger of sharing personal information online and on our mobile devices. We are all vulnerable to security weaknesses of the internet (and there are far more than I’ll list in this post).

Technology Review recently listed the seven leading security fears for 2012 discussed at this year’s RSA Computer Security Conference. It’s a varied list, but basically, no one is safe as long as big institutions such as banks, mobile carriers and the like are vulnerable (and, as it turns out, they’re pretty much sitting ducks).

Here’s the list in a gist. For a more detailed account of each item, check out the full report here.

  1. Big Data – gives new meaning to the term “too much information”
  2. Government Regulation on the Internet
  3. A Cyberwar Arms Race
  4. The Web’s most common security mechanism is basically, useless.
  5. Mobile devices being used as a back-door into company networks.
  6. Home Automation.
  7. Hactivism

Government regulation is probably the deal-breaker for me. What about you?

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