A Great Night At Beekman 33 Idea Salon

You know an event is inspiring when guest speakers thoroughly enjoy presenting their talks to the audience. I recently had the privilege of presenting a talk at the launch of Beekman 33 Idea Salon (an intimate gathering of like-minded individuals who share a passion for creativity, art, food, music, tech, and collaborating created by Colin McCabe, Platform Strategist at Mashery).

I hardly need my arm to be twisted when asked to present at an intimate gathering of fearlessly creative people who want to change the world by DOING something (not just talking about it). But I was surprised at how effective and inspiring the event turned out to be (a testament to the need for us to continuously create these opportunities for intimate, truly engaging interaction with each other in the real world — social media is lovely but nothing beats an exchange of ideas and compelling conversation eye-to-eye… over drinks and good food).

The presentations (five total) were a diverse representation of artists and entrepreneurs sharing their developing projects, seeds of ideas and thoughts on problems at the forefront of business. My presentation (entitled “Entrepreneurs as Extremophiles“) was based on a post I wrote a few weeks ago on my personal blog which resonated with a lot of people — you can find here).

I was truly humbled by the warm reception I received and everyone’s awesome feedback. So glad I could share something that inspired others. I also shared with people some of the new events Served Fresh Media will be producing that will create a platform for these types of meaningful exchanges when and where they are needed the most!

Colin will post a recap of the evening including video shortly. As soon as he does, I’ll provide the link. Until then, below are a few Instagram photos from the evening.

All good things.


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