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Social Media Jobs at Top Digital Agency in Mumbai, India

I imagine the explosion of social media all over the world (both the rush to adopt it in business and to understand and analyze it technically, socially, etc.) will open up many opportunities for employment in the coming couple of years.  With the major corporations recruiting their own social media strategists and the mid-sized companies struggling to keep up with the advances that are whizzing by at breakneck speed, you can expect to see companies all over the world trumpeting the same call to social media arms.

Hardik - posted job opening on Facebook

Ignitee (one of India’s biggest digital agencies) is aggressively seeking social media mavens.  I came across a post by a gentleman on Facebook (Social Media Today fan page) that read:

“Looking for Social Media Marketeers in Mumbai for  our company (Ignitee Digital Solutions – Contact me on now!”

The exclamation point seems like overkill, but clearly they are looking for people now.  A quick glance at their website hints at a company that is progressive, slightly flashy and bent on taking over the digital world (but then, who isn’t?).  They describe themselves as:

“As one of India’s largest digital media agencies, we run on sparks of brilliant creativity and add dynamism to the online space. Explore  our site and see how we can Ignitee your business!”
(Left to right) Atul Hegde, CEO, Ignitee Digital Solutions, Prashant Mehta, COO, Komli Media, Vishal Jhunjhunwala, assistant GM – branding, TCS, Sumeet Mehta, CEO, Zee Learn; Debadutta Upadhyaya, national sales head, Yahoo! India; V Ramani, vice chairman and managing director, Ignitee Digital Solutions

There is an aggressiveness to their approach in social media (understandable), while their approach to business is to cast a wide net across as many sectors as possible.  Their flashiness suits one of their most recent clients (a Bollywood production company marketing a film called “Love Sex Aur Dhoka).  Ignitee was called in for the social media campaign and what a campaign it was!  Below is an excerpt from Ignitee’s press release championing their social media success:

“Ignitee Digital Solutions Pvt Ltd is promoting Alt Entertainments first release, LSD – Love Sex Aur Dhoka, directed by national award-winning director, Dibakar Banerjee, on various social Platforms.  Ignitee has leveraged the movie on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and On the profiles created on the social media network prior to the release of the film, Ignitee has managed to create huge buzz by creating a sensational website of the film. Fans are participating in discussions with the characters of the movie and also in various contests. One of the contests includes the “LSD Short Film Contest” with the theme “Love, Sex or Dhoka”. Since then, Ignitee has been flooded with entries, the winners of which would be announced next week, with the video being uploaded on the website which is integrated with YouTube.

Ignitee has successfully created face book applications to promote the movie which has received huge appreciation from the audiences. The LSD application on Face book like LSD cards for Valentines Day has become so popular that the idea is being taken offline. Also, the most talked about application is the LSD guru application that does love predictions for you. On You Tube movie clips are being promoted and has witnessed more than two lakh views till date which of course is a mind-boggling figure.”

You can read the entire press release here.  I find the company fascinating.  So, if you’re looking to relocate and Mumbai is an option, then contact: now!

Social Media: Middle-aged Women In, Teens & Twentysomethings OUT

I knew this day would come (felt it in my bones, heard it in the wind, waited patiently for validation from the universe).  According to a report by published today by Brian Solice (@briansolice) the average user of social media platforms (Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, etc.) is over 30 and a woman – gasp.

One of the most refreshing insights that social media is showing us about ourselves is debunking the age myth (that the young (teens and 20-somethings) are the ones who adopt technology earlier, quicker and more abundantly than people in their 30’s, 40s and dare I say Baby-boomers).

The research has spoken and what it says is clear:  take a time out kids, social media is being rocked by your mothers and grandmothers!  A breakdown of the average age of social media users across various platforms will raise more than a few eyebrows:

In each and every social media platform (with the exception of Bebo) the age range of the average user is well above the age of 30. Even more surprising, the profile of the average user in social media (the one marketers should be targeting and wooing) is:  women / 39.1 years old.

As Solice so bluntly puts it:

“In social media, not only do women rule, but it seems that the middle-aged are Social Media’s largest share holders.”

This may surprise many people, but it shouldn’t.  Social media helps us to build, organize and manage our social networks.  These tools becomes more attractive and vitally necessary the older we get.  As we age we get married, have children, build careers, divorce, go back to school, reconnect with high school and college friends, travel, etc.  More mature people need social media to keep them connected to what is, for most adults over 30, a complicated social world.  How complicated can the social network of a 21 year old be?

Mommy bloggers and tweeters… the future is yours.  They are the power-movers behind the social media machine.  Gone are the days when it marketing a product was as easy as targeting a 21 year old with a flashy commercial and “hip” music.  Advertisers are now beginning to realize that the myth that the youth are what drives the economy (and should, therefor, be sought after like a stripper at a bachelor party) was just that:  a myth.  Now, they’ll have to actually work, think and (get this) truly engage the more mature market that dominates social media and has lived enough of life not to be swayed by bells, whistles and bullshit.

So the logical question is, if the youth (teens and 20-somethings) aren’t congregating, communicating and dominating social media, where are they?

Read the Solice’s entire post here.

When Nuns Tweet – Lessons in Heavenly Social Media Marketing

Close your eyes.  Go ahead, close them just for a few moments.  Okay, now picture Catholic nuns?

Okay, open your eyes.

Was the vision of nuns your mind conjured up similar to this photo:

You’re not alone.  It’s the vision most people have of nuns.  But a new image of nunnery is emerging in step with the social media revolution taking place throughout the world:

It’s no shock that people who have dedicated their lives to serving God are online (even the Vatican has a social media presence).  What is fascinating, however,  is how profoundly and thoroughly the stereotypes we have of each other are broken by social media when people like the nuns in the photo above or the five nuns I’ve listed below decide to join social media giving us an intimate look into a world we quickly realize we know absolutely nothing about.

The nuns (and priests) I’ve listed below are a perfect example of social media holding up a mirror to stereotypes we all have and showing us a wonderful, nuanced and complicated picture of reality that we otherwise would never see.   Sister Helena Burns (who sites as proof of God’s existence “hummingbirds”, “hockey” and “Popeye’s red beans and rice”) loves web video and perpetually uploads video she’s shot to her YouTube and Twitter accounts and reviews Hollywood films on her blog.  Her last video (scandalously called “Nuns Sing Religious Drinking Song”) was hysterical.

Or Father Fahnestock who lists as his accomplishments in his bio:  Old Catholic Priest on mission, musician, pastor, social networker, marketing consultant.  In between pious tweets he gives us status updates like this one:

“I just became the mayor of PET Supermarket on @foursquare!

Priest, marketer and FourSquare mayor of PET Supermarket – nice.

Why is this a lesson in marketing?  Because these men and women of the cloth (and others like them) are sharing themselves with the world in ways they historically never have before and they appear to be enjoying it.   They are, essentially, telling us a story and it’s intriguing.  While I personally am not interested in converting to their faith, I like the messenger enough to listen to their stories through their tweets and recommend that you follow them to experience the nunnery and priesthood through their social media profiles.

When was the last time a big brand on Twitter engaged you with a story, or revealed something about their corporate culture that upended stereotypes swirling around about them or their industry?  If nuns can reveal themselves to us, why can’t corporations?

Name: Sr. Helena Burns
Location: Chicago, IL, USA
Bio: Media Nun. Philosophy, Media Literacy, Theology of Body. Proof of God’s existence: hummingbirds, hockey, Popeye’s red beans and rice.

Name: Margaret Kerry fsp
Location: Boston
Bio: Pauline living in community of Catholic women serving people through new media.

Name: Fr. Chris Decker
Location: Baton Rouge, LA
Bio: a priest in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and a disciple of the New Evangelization.

Name: Fr. Wade Fahnestock
Location: Hyatt Place-Lakeland Center
Bio: Old Catholic Priest on mission, musician, pastor, social networker, marketing consultant

Follow them and learn.  They have a lot life to share…

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