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China Techies Unleash an Army of Pinterest Clones

You know you’ve arrived when you’re being cloned in China. Pinterest has, of course, arrived — here and in China. Yesterday, Chinese tech company Taobao launched a photo-sharing, social media site that is modeled almost exactly after Pinterest.

The name of the new social network is Wantu (translation: mischievous rabbit). The site can be accessed through Taoboa’s website at:

Hardly the first in the Pinterest-cloning market in China, another tech company named Mogojie also launched a Pinterest clone (they’re actually considered to be the “biggest indie Pinterest clone”).  And two months ago, tech powerhouse Renren launched their own version of Pinterest. To date, China has 18 Pinterest clones.  Here’s a list of 16 Chinese Pinterest clones by accumulated by Idea-Stack

Clearly, China takes its Pinterest-cloning seriously.




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Kapost Interviews Me on the Future of Content Marketing at Inbound Marketing Summit

I had the pleasure of being an invited guest at Inbound Marketing Summit 2012 (one of the country’s leading conferences on digital, social and mobile marketing with events in Boston, New York and San Francisco). Over the course of two days, the discussion surrounding digital marketing ran the gummut from email marketing, to social media, to content marketing and everything in between with industry thought-provokers like Chris Brogan, Neil Glassman of Social Times, Todd Grossman of PR Newswire and Laura Fitton of Twitter App Store and

While there, I was asked by Kapost (@kapost) to give my thoughts on the future of content marketing (one of our specialties at Served Fresh Media). I’d like to thank Kapost for asking  great questions and for the great final cut of my interview. If you’ve never heard of Kapost (and consider yourself to be a digital marketer or branding personal of any kind) you should definitely check out the innovative things they are doing.  Having just launched their new content marketing platform and raised a serious round of VC funding, they’re poised to make quite an impact in digital media marketing. Here’s the best description I can offer for what they do (in their own words from their site):

Kapost organizes content marketing into a structured business process that delivers results. The platform offers Planning, Production, Distribution and Analysis functionality that drives improvements in the amount of time spent, content produced, contributors managed and traffic generated.

Brilliant. And now, me, me, me!!! (I promise you I’m not a narcissist… me!).

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