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Free Full Set of Encyclopedias (because nobody reads this shit anymore except archeologists)

If you ever had a complete physical set of Encyclopedias in your house growing up, congratulations, you are officially old as dirt. If you spent many a day flipping through those encyclopedias in awe of the big colorful pages and draw-dropping exotic entries (like I did), then you probably didn’t get laid in high school either.

I’m not done.

I’d like to introduce you to your Byzantine past in the form of this Craigslist post (below) by some poor soul who refuses to believe that Encyclopedia books are useless, that electricity is real and that the world is, indeed, round (said person, an East Flatbush resident, also likely believes that OJ was innocent, that reality tv is… real, and that former Vice President Dick Cheney is a warm-blooded human being… with feelings).

The way you can tell if something is garbage is if the “salable” description of the item contains within it the very reason the owner doesn’t want it anymore (as if they, themselves, can’t contain the urge to complain about the item’s uselessness long enough to make it sound worth having).  Below, our generous donor proudly announces:  “published in 1983… approximately 30 books… they are heavy… three boxes of them. will assist in loading… in great condition.”  He then includes photos.

Thank god for the Internets and Wikipedia (just looking at pictures of these encyclopedias exhaust me).

Free Full Set of Encyclopedias Great conditions!!! (E Flatbush)

Date: 2010-07-22, 2:00PM EDT
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Giving away a free full set of encyclopedias published in 1983 Approximately 30 books 23. There in great condition. Pick Up only recommend having a car. They are heavy. There about three boxes full of them. I will assist with loading. Email me at to arrange pick up.

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