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The Annals of Analytics

The name of MIT‘s research report released Fall 2010 is actually Analytics: The New Path to Value, but with all of the debate, confusion and dead bodies left in the wake of a society struggling to understand, interpret and make practical use of the mountains of data now being heaped on us (thanks to technology), this report very well could (and should) be called The Annals of Analytics.

The question being posed here is:

Are organizations generating more data from analytics than they can act on?

It is all so exhausting and, yet, as you’ll see when you download and read this report, so damn fascinating it will make you tingly all over.

Download the full report here.

Computers: The Early Years (VIDEO)

A must-see for anyone who calls themselves a geek, a techie, an entrepreneur, a human being…

Takeaways from the film:

  • Take on a seemingly impossible adventure — if you win, win big and if you lose, lose big (some gambles are worth the risk).
  • What was true yesterday, will not be true tomorrow in terms of technology and what it can do for people.
  • Work for the future.  Remember and respect the past.
  • Make the world smaller.

Thank you IBM for the look back.