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Friday Funk: The Facebook/Instagram Edition

This is the song I’m jamming to today while working. It’s old school funkalicious and is the perfect song to end a big week and to usher in a big weekend.

In 1980, the legendary superfreak Rick James sang his hit song Big Time on Soul Train (video below). He was at his peak. The song’s lyrics tell the story of what it was like to be a hot bitch, wanted by everyone in the world, adored, envied, perpetually in demand and how to be smart enough to savor the moment.

For this reason, I dedicate this song (the Friday Funk song) to the founders of Instagram,  Mike Krieger (@MikeyK) and Kevin Systrom (@KEVIN), (this week’s hot bitches, wanted by everyone – the startup that made Facebook its bitch and walked away with one billion – yes, one billion – dollars). The song’s chorus, in particular, should resonate with the dynamic duo (Zuckerberg, this one’s for you too):

“In the big time, big time 
And I know success is all mine, all mine 
In the big time, big time 
Gonna have the best of times

I was born to funk. I was born to funk and roll in the BIG TIME!”
I’m in the big time, gonna have myself fun times!” 

Congratulations Krieger and Systrom and the staff at Instagram.

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Two of the Happiest People In the World This Morning (Afterglow)

Founders of Instagram  Mike Krieger (@MikeyK) and Kevin Systrom (@KEVIN). They’re like a bride and groom the morning after their wedding — the struggle of the past year behind them, a hopeful future ahead of them and all of the world waiting to see when and what they’re going to do next. This morning, after Facebook acquired their company for one billion dollars, the founders undoubtedly have an after-glow that can light up the galaxy. Hope they’re capturing every moment. (Above photo of the founders taken with Instagram).

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