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iPhone App Chocolates – the Tech Gadget that Tastes Good Too

Recent research shows that iPhone users are the most loyal PDA phone users in the market. If you’re a hardcore iPhone fan, then you might be hard-pressed to figure out many more ways your lovely gadget can get any better.

iChocolates - little bites of tech-chocolate heaven.
Well now you can have your iPhone and eat it too! A company in France has designed a new line of chocolates that satisfies the iPhone fanatic and chocoholics – iChocolates (boxed chocolates molded in the form of an iPhone where the little app chicklets are delictible bites of chocolates). For some people, this is as close to Nirvana as they can get in this world.

Never mind the fact that the product description promises high-quality chocolate in sexy, pop-tech packaging that makes even non-iPhone users and non-chocoholics (such as myself) want to buy several boxes. At the core of its creation, this baby is plain, old-fashioned, brilliant marketing.

From the concept of taking the number one tech gadget in the world and turning it to the number one food item in the world, to the beautiful photos of the product, to the manufacturer’s decision to place the item for sale at (a social commerce website), this item and its marketing are an example of how to ride the wave of a pop culture phenomenon while giving it your own spin (to be sure, there are others doing something similar, but this execution is flawless).

Because of the elegant packaging and pop-culture reference (which any and everyone gets), iChocolate is not only the perfect gift for the techie-Apple user in your life, but it would also make an impressionable gift for your clients or potential clients (and surely, there are a few moms out there who are iPhone users – Happy Mother’s Day!). This gift is unique (not mass-marketed), clever, visually appealing and (I’m willing to bet) a delicious treat.

Here’s a description of the product:

General Description

Capacity: 20 organic pieces
Flavours: 4
Innovations: iPhone form factor + Do not melt in the hand + Sunlight-resistant + Anti-shake protection
As featured in: ELLE magazine (France), Gizmodo, Macworld, …

Our iChocolates are the only gourmet chocolates in the world resembling iPhone and ipad app icons, boxed in a unique iPhone-inspired package. Thanks to our “Chocographics” technology developed in France, the country of gastronomy, the cute icons you are familiar with on your screen are what you really eat. We have reached vivid colors and a level of details that were never seen before on such tiny and fragile chocolate pieces.

Melts in your mouth, not in your hands!


Our icon set is an original creation inspired by our favorite smartphone, stylized, vividly colored and adapted to meet the chocolate coating requirements by a young and talented iconist (icon designer). Then, each icon is cut and set chocolate piece by chocolate piece, just as a jeweller would do.

Thanks to our specific glossy coating (originating from prestigious gourmet shows), our chocolates melt in the mouth, not on your fingers. This all-natural coating also enables the iChocolates to resist indirect sunlight exposure, even on spring or summer days, without melting or whitening. That makes iChocolates a perfect corporate gift.

Inside each of our chocolates, the double-layered architecture designed by our Chef Chocolatier is also unique, ensuring the chocolates are shipped safely to your front door and can be stored as long as mainstream chocolates, but without the need of industrial preservatives.

Though it’s a limited edition item that sold out last week, the manufacturer of this product will likely accept more orders if (or should I say when) they come through. One box of iChocolates is just under $45 (plus shipping and handling from France). For an additional description of the product, visit their Esty page here. You can contact the manufacturer via email at “”.

This is one gift (either for your friend, your client, or yourself, that will keep on giving).

Eat it!