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Integrating Social Media with Other Marketing Platforms

The verdict is in: “The benefits of integrating social media with other marketing tactics far exceed the benefits of utilizing social media alone.”

This is the findings of a market research study by respected market research firm, Marketing Sherpa (@marketingsherpa). Marketing Sherpa set out to answer a question that seems almost too complicated to answer:

“We wanted to find out how many organizations were integrating social media with online marketing tactics, offline marketing tactics or both.”

That’s a tall order considering the myriad of marketing programs (off and online) that an entrepreneur has to choose from. With social media being the media darling and being touted as the new and improved marketing savior of the future, many entrepreneurs launching their first startups might be wondering: “Is social media marketing all my business needs to effectively reach my target customer?”

Based on the chart created from the data gathered by Marketing Sherpa, the answer is clearly “no”. A marketing effort that is taylored to your company’s needs, includes social media and various other methods to engage consumers and that is flexible yeilds the best results. This shouldn’t really surprise anyone — consumers don’t simply reside on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn. They are everywhere (watching tv, communicating with mobile devices, and yes, some of them still read newspapers).

The numbers are telling. A whopping 52% of entrepreneurs polled said they use an integrated marketing approach for their businesses that includes social media, online and offline marketing tactics while only 16% of respondents say they don’t integrate social media with other marketing tactics. The reason integrated marketing works better is explained by Marketing Sherpa – simply put:

“Integration… enables marketers to track results that justify the business value of social marketing. For example, B2B marketers can identify and track the movement of prospects through the pipeline from initial social media engagement to lead capture and qualification, to sales conversion.”

What’s your approach to marketing your business? If you’re not using the more integrated marketing campaign that relies on both social media and other marketing avenues, you might be setting your business up for a marketing dead-end.

Read more details on the report here.

Social media is not a magic pill. Incorporating other marketing initiatives is crucial.

2.5 Year Old Masters Dad’s iPad – Demonstrates Apple’s Brilliance (VIDEO)

By keeping products super-simple, Apple has created a cult following.

What does it say when a baby (2.5 years old – as her father posted on the video below) can whiz through an iPad easier than a block puzzle?

We are witnessing the mind-blowing speed at which technology is changing how we communicate (children today are practically born with smartphones and laptops in their hands!). But this is also an incredible demonstration of Apple‘s marketing genius (they might want to use this video, which is quickly becoming a viral video hit, in their ad campaign for iPad).

Apple trumps all because they build products so simple even a baby can use them (the cutie in this video is practically giving us a product demonstration). While that may not do much for our egos (gee, are we really that dense at figuring out how to use gadgets?), Apple understands that, at the end of the day, we want usability and functionality in really cool packaging. That is why the iPod and iPad are revolutionary and have changed the game.

Simple sells.

Even a baby understands that marketing golden rule.