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Joshua Sheridan Fouts

EVENT: Rethinking Collaborative Culture with Joshua Fouts

One of the positive unintended consequences of being inundated with technology that we do not fully understand how to maximize is that we get to stretch the typically inflexable regions of our mind to reimagine the world we want to live in through the new, powerful technology we create. We get to reimagine society while tossing out the rules of our parents and their parents. Public discourse on the consequences of technology that moves and defines us is not only necessary, but fun as hell too (especially if you’re a big dork like meee!).

Entrepreneur Anil Dash

On Tuesday, March 20th, I’ll be attending a breakfast series which was created for the sole purpose of not only featuring thought-leaders giving presentations on the most hotly debated issues in tech, media and culture, but also to allow attendees to have meaningful dialogue with the guest speakers after their presentation.  At the last event, I had the pleasure of conversing with Anil Dash (@anildash)  (entrepreneur, technologies) after his presentation on social networks (how they really function versus how we perceive them). Anil stayed for an hour to chat with attendees. I was amazed at how generous he was with his time and how genuinely interested he seemed in learning what other people did.

The guest presenter this month is digital anthropologist Joshua Fouts (@josholia) (Executive Director of Science House Foundation, a New York international non-profit that “works to spark the imaginations of students worldwide about the excitement of science and mathematics”. He has also worked as a diplomat for the United States on cultural relations.

What will Joshua be speaking on? Collaborative culture.

In the wake of social technology that has given us the tools to collaborate across generations, ethnicities and countries in ways we never could have imagined in the past, collaborative culture is one of the most discussed topics in business and education. In his talk, Joshua will ask: “How can we use science and imagination to create a new global economy?” He will then explore how empowering youth with big ideas can transform the future.

Fun times! Makes my brain all tingly.

If you’d like to attend this event (breakfast and speaker presentation), ping me. I’ll be live-tweeting form the presentation as well.


Joshua Sheridan Fouts
Joshua Sheridan Fouts

Joshua is Executive Director of Science House Foundation, a New York City based international non-profit that works to spark the imaginations of students worldwide about the excitement of science and mathematics. Joshua is a digital business anthropologist, technologist, futurist, and entrepreneur who has worked at the forefront of cultural collaboration, science and technology innovation. In the 1990s Joshua worked as a diplomat for the United States focused on cultural relations. He went on to launch and direct, at the University of Southern California Annenberg School, two think tanks — in 1998 the first ever think tank dedicated online journalism and in 2003 the first-ever think-tank dedicated to the applied study of cultural relations. Joshua has a lifelong passion for anthropology and the science of culture. He is a senior fellow for Science Diplomacy, Culture and Education at the Center for the Study of the Presidency & Congress and a Next Generation Fellow at The American Assembly.  He speaks Brazilian Portuguese.


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Is That a Poem in Your Pocket or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

In school, I always thought poetry sucked (at least the kind of poetry that was crammed down our throats and used as a means of torturing children into submission).  And then I grew up and lived the words that I’d read as a kid and, suddenly, those same words that tortured me in school now liberated me as an adult.  I explored various types of poetry, sat in countless coffee-houses from New York to LA and ultimately fell under the spell of poetry… willingly.  Wasn’t long before I started writing poetry (sure, my poetry sucked but it was music to my ears).

For those poetry-loving people out there, here’s a treat for you: In honor of National Poetry Month, the City of New York is hosting its annual Poem in Your Pocket Day today!  The idea behind this event is to walk around today with a poem in your pocket (literally) to share with someone.  Any poem.  Doesn’t matter if you wrote it or not.  Just put a poem in your pocket and whip it out when necessary (and make sure that’s all you whip out).  This is one of the many events the city is hosting in honor of poetry month.

Info and a calendar of poetry-inspired events can be found at these sites:  Events Calendar. or