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I’m Going to Iceland

And when I get there, I want to this song to play in the background from the moment I get off the plane until the moment I depart (and I will do a video scene featuring my plump, brown, butt cheeks peeking out of the water enticingly like the naked, blond girl at 1:15).  Enjoy.

Thank you for the inspiration Dan Christensen @Dan_Christensen (a sweetheart of a human being and my YWCWBDB  Icelandic brother).

Journalism in the Age of Data Visualization

Data visualization is in its infancy, but this beautifully produced documentary Journalism in the Age of Visualization (produced and directed by Geoff McGhee) still gives us plenty of food for thought (and mesmerizing images) about the future of storytelling in the wake of an era of unprecedented access to endless amounts of data.  With all of this data and the ability to map it in numerous, visually stunning ways, the question is crystal clear:

Where do we go from here?

The answer, is far more ambiguous:

We have no idea.

Watch this documentary.  If, after watching it, you have the answer to the question, post it below or tweet me.  I’d love to hear some unique, thoughtful ideas.  I’m considering having a meetup of some kind to discuss this film and the implications of data visualization research (particularly as it applies to journalism).